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The Rock Eel Café

“Treasure People and Exploit Tools”

Like our three physical dimensions, the Rock Eel Café enables others to build their universe by teaching, coaching and teaming in three complementary dimensions:

  2. In the people dimension, Café consultants lead

    • emerging growth firms,
    • non-governmental organizations, (NGOs, e.g., non-profits and industry consortia)
    • entrepreneurial divisions of larger firms

    to new levels of productivity through the systems thinking discipline of layering human intuition onto the “bytes and bolts” of today's technology.

  4. In the capital dimension, Rock Eel Café brings a greater sense of abundance and clarity to the lives of others by imparting a sense of scalable-cost structures. Our Collaboration Coaches provide “a full menu of asset management services for human capital.” Basically this means keeping bean counters out of harm's way. Through activity-based costing models and common-sense everyday examples, an increasing cadre of systems thinkers in the organizations that our affiliated members

    • manage
    • lead or
    • advise

    puncture financial myths and eliminate accounting tom-foolery so that the organization can answer “who generated how much, when and where…” on an as needed basis. This knowledge, applied intelligently across organizational boundaries, translates directly into market strength for us and our client firms because we can act on a wider range of opportunities that are placed in our path.

    The Café serves both complete meals and appetizer portions. Our productivity leadership occurs through

    • on-site and distance coaching, (e-mail, fax, video-conference etc.)
    • on-line resources
    • off-line events (seminars, discussion groups, skill-scaled help™ sessions, both pro bono and tuition-based
    • books, magazines, videos.

  6. In the product/process dimension, the Collaboration Coaches™ of Rock Eel Café individually and corporately participate as equity players in a global federation of

    • mechanical and artistic designers
    • authors
    • researchers
    • information architects
    • production technicians
    • marketing professionals and
    • manufacturing partners

    who model and teach others how to treasure people and exploit tools. We seamlessly blend high tech and high touch to enrich the families of those whom we are privileged to serve. Through the Enclave Project, a forthcoming network of entrepreneurial resource centres, and through tangible products expressing systems thinking principles, of which

    are the first two, we provide clarity of business vision without sacrificing product performance or planning depth of detail, through a layered application of the strategic linkages among people, capital and market positioning.

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