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The pace of change in 2000 and beyond has brought about fundamental shifts that cross-cut virtually all business disciplines. The key to sustaining competitive advantage is to recognize contributions across the organization that create a compelling self-interest in acting for the good of the firm.

Our short courses and seminars cover a wide range of interests and topics relevant to everyday life. With our exclusive ThinDime™ pricing option, qualifying individuals can register for a half- or full-day seminar, with follow-ups, for less than the price of a midrange blouse or pair of shoes. Our short programs integrate such topics as excellence, relationships, effectiveness, money and performance.

Lifelong Enrichment: The Challenge of Change is the foundation for all other programs we offer. It provides participants transformational leadership skills, an exponential improvement in their ability to relate to life with new freedom and power. For smaller firms (less than 250 staff per division), ask how to qualify for our ThinDime™ sliding fee scale. Complete the Contact Form or write for details.

Why is Systems Thinking Vital?

Organizations that think strategically keep the overall design in focus as they deal with the details of day-to-day operations. Systems Thinking is both personally and professionally vital because it’s only when an organization collectively masters what our Collaboration Coaches have codified in this three-phase, nine-element set of skills that long-term business planning can consistently enhance the bottom line.

Trust cannot be bought and personal experience, by definition, comes after the fact. To make sure there is a next time, effective organizations recognize they must first invest in their employees and then leverage that investment into market leadership. Anything less is a waste of corporate assets and individual potentials. Systems Thinking is the integrating link for organizational learning. It is the natural progression for organizations that are maturing in project management. Only two things separate the business leader from others: those with whom they associate and the way they think. Make a choice to build success in all areas of your life, and your organization. The Challenge of Change Systems Thinking Curriculum is an excellent opportunity for you to develop skills with immediate application while you build a personalized plan for an optimum future.

Systems Thinking Augments Mentorship

The one-word key to keeping your organization afloat in today’s turbulent business climate is mentorship or coaching. Being a mentor involves living a consistent message focused on the future. Mentorship can be learned. The Rock Eel Café’s intensive 3-day seminar, with a money-back guarantee, is designed for those individuals who are ready to accept greater personal responsibility for their performance.

Your Seminar Leader

Matthew E. Weilert has been providing strategic thinking skills to leaders in industry, military, international finance and education for nearly fifteen years. Engaging and effective, Mr. Weilert’s customized programs
  • took an Energy multiprogram contractor from leading all-DOE in vehicle accident rates to an accident-free year.
  • In the afloat environment, his efforts aboard USS Halsey produced a weapons-system uptime that was third overall in the Pacific Fleet.
  • In warehousing, leading a labor-management team, together they cut cost-of-reporting by 354%!
  • In publishing, they tripled books in press annually!

Mr. Weilert is recognized in the 24th edition of Who’s Who in the West. Contact us or send your presenter an e-mail.

About The Rock Eel Café

The Rock Eel Café Division (REC) of the Systems Thinking Institute LLC provides its clients peace of mind by serving as a catalyst to help them solve on-going operational challenges involving strategic thinking, change management and organizational learning. Accept the Challenge of Change! Make a commitment to Lifelong Enrichment! Register now to take the next step in your professional and personal development. No other program emphasizes the integration of learning and doing disciplines as thoroughly as Lifelong Enrichment: the ChaLLEnge of Change.
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The Challenge of Change
Systems Thinking Curriculum

Part One:
Mosaic Management
The single most important aspect of communication
The counterintuitive nature of long-term success
How—and why—to submit to “The tyranny of the triumphant”
The Monotony of Mastery
“Flow”: what it is, how to put it to use

Forms of Leverage

dot spacer    One-on-one
Communication: How “ augmentation” can multiply your effectiveness
Pattern Languages: what they mean for your organization
Reinforcing the belief that “people are the solution.”
Organizational Examples

Everyday Economics
Background and Boundaries
The Sky is Falling: Overhead Myths & Mysteries
Reaching beyond language differences
What to do about the shift in financial reporting emphasis
Why staying in touch is a must
Developing Number Sense
A personal budget that really works!

Part Two:

What constitutes innovation
Finding your “aha!s”
Why “sideways learning” is a must-have skill
Cooperation: not just nice, a business necessity—surprising research results
What’s That Smell!” or, Lessons from a Skunkworks
Rise & Dial to boost results and reduce costs

Information: East & West
Background and Boundaries
Graphic sins to avoid
Timeless lessons from Oriental masters:
spacerA Book of Five Rings and The Art of War
Information Management:  reading and typing speed enhancements
spacerfor those times “when you’re it”
On-line advances: corporate savings & competitiveness;
spacer personal mobility and entrepreneurship

An ergonomic primer
Life-cycle-costing redux
Creating a win-win by negotiating your environment

Interlude: The Power of Play
Recognizing the power of play

Part Three

    Here I amNow What?
    Is here where you want to be?
    Corporate vs. Personal Needs: Why the Conflict?
    The Positive Power of Myths: Are You Living One?
    Industry Comparisons

    Don’t Guess, Know!:  The Power of Being a Personal Resource
    Benchmarking the news
    The timebank: make your deposits before you attempt to withdraw
    The basis of business decisions
    Seminar Synthesis: Details of the follow-through process

    Peak Performance Without Heartburn

    We can offer you and your firm a way to think smarter. Our hope is that after reading what we offer on the site, you'll look at your team, project, or company in a new light and see if there is perhaps a better way to address the complexity we all face. Contact us to schedule a review of your current business process through the Fabric of Facts Strategic Business Focus.

    Brief History of the Systems Thinking Movement 
    More Food for Thought from the Rock Eel Café 


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