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Systems Thinking Global Resources Clearinghouse

Layering human intuition onto the
“bytes and bolts” of today's technology

Systems Thinking saves y.o.u.r. time and time is money

Examples from Business, Industry and Government illustrate the broad appeal—and wide practical applications—of systems thinking to y.o.u.r.Business.

There are many, many reasons why systems thinking makes basic common sense for any firm that faces global competition. Two come immediately to mind: creating a learning organization through systems thinking unlocks individual commitment and overcomes organizational defensive routines [Dooley, Argyris]. After all, none of us is as smart as all of us.

Learning Organizations Produce More “Out of the Box” Thinking

In Textron's Specialty Materials Division, fire protection sprinkler valve maintenance benefited from a novel solution. If you're looking for a more blue-collar reason, it doesn't get much bluer than the US Navy:

Train Harder than You Plan to Fight & Save Money in the Process.

In the 24x7 at-sea environment, where system up-time is even more vital than your website, Capt. Robert Pacek, (1988 commanding officer of the USS Halsey, CG-23) credits systems thinking training and readiness exercises of Ship's Safety Officer LTJG Weilert for an estimated $292,000 savings (2009 dollars) in “cost avoidance,” that is, an accident than did not happen, given conditions that have lead to similar incidents elsewhere during an UNREP [underway replenishment] evolution. (While it seems silly, we must include the following: these results do not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or any other government agency.)

Workers from all walks of life learn more, faster, as documented in results at the Hanford Works.

People Like systems thinking: our business coaches average over 80% approval over 4000 training sessions. When people like it, they follow it, as evidenced by Battelle's results.

Bosses like systems thinking: Our founder and lead Collaboration Coach, Matt Weilert, received the first ever “command performance” training request by Energy Field Office Richland, to share his training techniques at a unique doe-only seminar. In a tour of duty as [civilian equivalent to director level] Safety Officer at the Combat Systems Technical School, he founded and edited the Combat Systems Safety Office Journal, praised at cnet [Chief of Naval Education & Training] as an effective collaborative training tool.

People succeed more often and to a higher level through our coaching methods. As co-chairs of a class section at Surface Warfare Officer School, ENS Weilert and ENS Bollick shaped various academic programs to achieve the lowest attrition rate and highest exam pass rate among all class sections of a four-month leader/manager course.

Our life-cycle costing audits, Econergnomics™, produced 354% savings in data gathering and report preparation cost of daily inventory tallies at the General Motors Sparks, NV regional parts warehouse.

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