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Coming from[from Background] On the other hand, while systems thinking concept has this power, this tremendous potential, it has not captured the hearts and minds of the everyday manager, perhaps with good reason: systems thinking is devastatingly simple.

Clarity: A Two-edged Sword

A systems thinking organization operates transparently on a “one-for-all, all-for-one” basis, rather than providing tactical advantage to a skilled minority [guild mentality] or a power- and prestige-driven hierarchy [bureaucracy]. Joseph Schumpeter called this “creative destructionism,” which is Grandma's two-dollar way of saying, using the best tools and freshest ingredients will always make the best cookie, and keep your customers coming back longer, even if you spend more in the beginning than your neighbor down the street. Systems thinkers are long-term smart without becoming short-term dumb. In other words, all the king's horses and all the king's men still won't put Amazon-profit-maybe-someday-dot-com together again. 

A Process Disguised as an Everyday Activity

Most of us perform systems thinking daily without perhaps even realizing it. When you get in your carpool to drive to work on a rainy day, you simultaneously monitor your speed, that of other vehicles, road conditions, passengers, road signs and possibly radio reports, all in real-time. No one gives you an award for getting to work safely, it's almost considered a matter of “common sense.” To borrow an oft-used phrase, common sense is an uncommon virtue. If we change the stage and now, instead of your carpool, we offer you the leadership of your firm, scale up from four to 400 and throw in a legislative agenda and some foreign competition, it now is called xxx147;strategic executive empowered management decision making by team building consensus...” you get the idea.

Peak Performance Without Heartburn

We can offer you and your firm a way to think smarter. Our hope is that after reading what we offer on the site, you'll look at your team, project, or company in a new light and see if there is perhaps a better way to address the complexity we all face. Contact us to schedule a review of your current business process through the Fabric of Facts Strategic Business Focus.

Brief History of the Systems Thinking Movement 
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