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    Weaving together the Nine Elements of
    “LifeLong Enrichment:
    The Challenge of Change

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Layers of Learning

    For many years savvy small business owners have grown aggressively and successfully to national leadership based on mastery of one dimension of excellence alone. It is essential to recognize that this single-phase model is now at the end of its life cycle. In fact, the small business owners and site managers find themselves at an evolutionary crossroad, facing a time when the external environment is adding complexities to our world faster than we can implement improvements at the margin to offset them. To meet this challenge; to retain and promote commercial excellence long term, businesses small and large must embrace, not just discuss, a strategy of fundamental change.

    Systems Thinking Institute LLC (Systhink) is a North American performance improvement group recognized for a unique educational methodology. Companies that implement our programs realize order-of-magnitude results in a very short time. Thousands of people from more than 60 countries have selected Systhink since 1996 as a resource for personal and business transformation. Systhink’s programs are based on leading edge methodology. The discipline of systems thinking has a 40 year track record of addressing the most pressing needs across the entire customer value chain. Today, Systhink continues to aggressively develop innovative courses and seminars that empower participants to operate integrally in a rapidly changing world.

The Systhink Curriculum

    Standard educational methods typically require you to remember concepts hoping to apply them. Systhink’s scalable, layered education and training methods, by contrast, empower you to naturally apply what you learn in new environments. Studying is not modeling. Action makes the difference. Learning the tips and rules for playing the piano or riding a bike doesn't enable you to do either of those. However, when you develop your natural ability to play, ride, etc, it never leaves you. Similarly, the abilities we help you unlock are yours forever.

    Our “unique selling proposition,” database customized curricula matched to a learning skills overview, produces seminar materials that recognize diversity. A mentoring tool that spans the one:many gap between individuals and their groups, the Systhink advantage is not simply hardware or software. Within the reach of all, yet so often outside their grasp. Our Collaboration Coaching™ unleashes y.o.u.r. most potent resource.

    Spanning this one:many gap is a key to our success across industries. Our performance baseline is the shareowner alignment index of those firms, associations and leagues without strategic thinkers in residence. A web is only as strong as its weakest fiber. The term “Participants” reflects the desire to also serve industry bodies, who can then take these skills back to their own groups, becoming our most effective ambassadors.

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