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Usability: The tool of, and payoff from “putting people first.”

…Treasure People and Exploit Tools

In order to know what something is, very often you must know what it is not, and work from there. What the Café is not is a replacement for the highly regarded experts at the Nielsen Norman Group, and the wonderful resources available through, Jakob Nielsen's journalistic voyage on the road to more effective web-based communication.

Nor do we claim to supplant the Center for Applied Special Technology, and their significant contribution to wider accessability through the Bobby on-line tool. As mentioned elsewhere, The Rock Eel Café (REC) has three main lines of business:

  • designing products for people that streamline or enhance communication and enrich work productivity
  • designing and testing interfaces for interaction
  • designing and hosting web sites for business through our Orchidesign™ process.
Member Sites in the Systems Thinking Family:
  • Systems Thinking Institute LLC
  • Demo of forthcoming The Hoot Owl of On-Line Research
  • Web Design and Hosting
  • The Old Rock Eel Café Homepage
  • All of the REC efforts revolve around usability: client firms grow toward the goal of a seamless integration of their message, both on and off the internet.

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