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Elegant eMail™ puts the accent on you!

Share values not just data

Elegant eMail™ is a half-day communications seminar for North American companies who realize they need to share values not just share data.With the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) bringing Canadian French and Mexican Spanish names and influences, it's vital for both non-profit and for-profit businesses to step up the caliber of their correspondence.

For multi-national firms who understand the unified European market under the Euro, bringing accented characters into everyday writing is not a niceity, it's a business mandate.

Elegant eMail™ (EeM) from the Rock Eel Café provides a straightforward and simple way to build trust with your staff and your customers, by leveraging your existing investment in technology. No amount of technology will replace honestly paying attention to what people say and how they say it. A large part of building that trust at distance or in a group is referring to people in the manner they refer to themselves.

With a commonsense workbook and innovative chart, EeM requires no new software to buy or install, no new operating systems to crash during the Christmas rush. EeM is designed for real people, not computer geeks. It's simple, easily learned and easily applied to your existing work environment, no matter which platform you use. You'll realize how easy it is when you start showing it to your co-workers, friends and neighbors.

Here at the Café, we call it restoring the rich cream of local context to the skim milk of traditional e-mail.

First Things First: Begin with the Wind in Mind

That may sound similar to a well-known highly effective phrase yet it contains a crucial difference: you can tell where the wind is coming from, yet there's no guarantee where it will end up. So it is with today's e-mail. While all regular e-mail and even most unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE, "spam") can be traced, neither the primary recipient nor the original sender know how widely your message may travel.

This systems thinking tool provides two basic things:

    a) a simple means for staff to employ extended character sets in their e-mails
    b) concise communications guidelines which they can—and should!—use as a part of their overall business marketing efforts.

Why Bother with Elegant eMail™?

Two compelling reasons come readily to mind:

  • If you're a travel agent targeting affluent travelers for trips to Curaçao in the Netherlands Antilles, wouldn't you appear just a wee bit more authentic if you spell it the way the natives do?
  • If you're a high tech manufacturer, zeroing in on Nordic OEM prospects, who have the highest technology adoption rates in the Western World, wouldn't a letter addressed to "Böðvar Þórisson" have more credibility than "Mr. Thorisson"?

Elegant eMail™ provides a way to achieve this closeness to the customer through a simple step by step approach. Granted it takes some effort to learn any new skill. Welcome to the big city. Why bother with all this? Well, if you're having good luck with your carrier pigeons, don't change a thing. If, however, and this is an if only you can decide, you want to join the business elite who recognize that getting your

  • prospect
  • client or
  • friend

interested in your

starts with becoming genuinely interested in them; then as a valued player in this transactional economy which is ultimately based on interpersonal interaction, it might be wise to consider the tips herein…

Interpersonal Interaction graphic
Elegant eMail™ is a way to engage people in the most important aspect of their lives: how they refer to themselves:

Download the demo edition of the workbook to read how easy the Elegant eMail™ techniques are to apply.

Choose from:

  • The full version, suitable for broadband [pdf | zip]
  • The compressed, lower quality version, suitable for dial-up [pdf | zip]

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