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Elegant eMail™ (EeM) is designed for North American companies who want to grow their business beyond our borders. The EeM seminar is a half-day you can put to immediate use. The EeM toolkit is a chart and workbook showing how easily foreign language characters can be used in printed, e-mail and web (HTML) communications.

Share values not just data

The Seminar

Elegant eMail™ is a half-day communications seminar for North American companies who realize they need to “share values not just data.” Since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) brought Canadian French and Mexican Spanish names and influences, we've expanded our encounters with the many languages represented by the €, as well as our Pacific Rim partners. Bringing accented characters into everyday writing is not a niceity, it's a business mandate.

It's vital for both non-profit and for-profit businesses to step up the caliber of their correspondence.

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Elegant eMail™ (EeM) from the Rock Eel Café provides a straightforward and simple way to build trust with your staff and your customers, by leveraging your existing investment in technology. No amount of technology will replace honestly paying attention to what people say and how they say it. A large part of building that trust at distance or in a group is referring to people in the manner they refer to themselves.

Here at the Café, we call it restoring the rich cream of local context to the skim milk of traditional e-mail.

The toolkit

With a commonsense workbook and innovative chart, EeM requires no new software to buy or install. There's no new operating systems to crash. EeM is designed for real people, not computer geeks. It's simple to use, easily learned and easily applied to your existing environment (work or home), no matter which platform you use. You'll realize how easy it is when you start showing it to your co-workers, friends and neighbors.

Target Audience: Communicators, both mid-tier & enterprise

If you're in charge of making your company's products make a difference, you know that nuances count. Elegant eMail™ provides you and those whom you manage or lead a structured and straightforward way to respect your client's and prospect's individuality, by using the right characters in their name, their town and or their product.

Through the seminar you'll learn insights and techniques that you can apply immediately to ensure that your print or web message, (the high-tech part of high-tech/high-touch), gets maximum leverage from your other business relationship investments.

“Knowledge is power” said the sage, and Elegant eMail™ gives you the power to transform your marketing, building truly individualized pitches with a locally relevant flourish. Armed with the toolkit included with every registration, you'll never again be forced to “settle for good enough” because you'll have the ability to “do it right.” When you accent your client's or prospect's names and features, you build a bridge of understanding not easily swept away by discounts, service specials or other gimmicks.

In four easy-to-digest chapters, the Elegant eMail™ workbook covers: brevity and clarity in dialog, extended character sets for all types of communications, tips for precoding e-mails, a special section on decimal to hex code conversion, and concludes with some advanced topics in “Writing as a Technology that Transforms Thought.”

Be sure to read the advice of Bob Inman on writing styles drawn from a personal interview with the Admiral in his Austin office.

Standard versions of Elegant eMail™ are available by e-mail or on CD for $46.95 (PDF format, Kindle available by special request with a minimum order of 20 copies), with printed manual and laminated chart for $54.95 and customized with your company logo and corporate communications specs for only $74.95 per copy. Shipping charges: flat rate $6.00 for up to 20 items. Site license discounts are available.

# Copies Version Price
PDF E-mailed $46.95
PDF Shipped on CD $46.95
+ $6.00 S&H (flat rate)
Customized with company logo and corporate communications specs $74.95
Flat Rate $6.00 shipping & handling per shipped order, up to 20 items. (E-mailed orders ship free!)

Send your order with check or money order to: (or paypal to as our CC merchant provider eval continues)

Systems Thinking Institute LLC
PO Box 151
Cedar Creek, TX 78612-0151

Questions, comments or special orders are welcome. Send them to:

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