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Seminars for Highly Effective Organizations from Systems Thinking Solutions

Layering human intuition onto the
architecture of science and technology

Beyond Reengineering:
Partner-Centered Performance

Summary: In this seminar with a twist, the practical tools, methods and skills of reengineering will be dramatically portrayed against a backdrop of reengineering “groupthink.” This experience allows you to “get beyond the bad days” of reengineering onto real work.

Who Should Attend: Mid-level managers or staff with cross-divisional responsibilities; also new managers needing a fast track method for “compressing the learning curve.” Those anticipating a significant shift in their market, or their role in it, and who want prosper through the turmoil, are ideal (though rare), candidates for this course.

Y O U ' L L   L E A R N
  • How to weave your vision, mission and values throughout your organization's strategy.
  • How to integrate people, processes and equipment to execute the strategy.
  • How to develop a scalable view of your business.
  • Methods for visualizing work flows and spotting improvement opportunities.
  • How to focus your improvement efforts on the high-leverage processes for greatest “bang for the buck.”
  • How to prioritize processes for redesign and reengineering.
  • Optimizing the people role.
  • How to develop a blueprint mindset for the structure(s) of your organization.
  • How to organize, manage, “follow-up & follow through” your redesign effort.
K E Y   O B J E C T I V E S
  • Provide a comprehensive methodology for refocusing organizations.
  • Modeling your organizations’ processes to identify the high-leverage redesign targets.
  • Teaching a methodology for measuring “real work;” optimizing work processes that concentrate those results.
  • Demonstrating the resiliency and self-correcting strengths in the Strategic Business Focus.

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Becoming a Personal Resource

Summary: This workshop is designed for those who aren't able to participate in the full Challenge seminar yet still need The Power of Being a Personal Resource. The recipe for successful change requires

the best ingredients (your staff, our tools)
proper conditions (which we create together)
and a workable sequence (with flexibility built in).

Without the effective follow-up designed into Systhink seminars, the best-sounding recipe for change can turn into another “flavor of the month.” Through the ‘twin-focus’ of Mosaic Management, you learn how internal consultants overcome obstacles through planning, coaching and persuading, to help people put new principles into practice.

Who Should Attend: Directors of Training, R&D, Quality, Safety and their attendant staffs; in short, anyone with the responsibility to plan and implement cultural change through innovation, continuous improvement, safety, security or quality programs will benefit from this event.

The role is the challenge of a lifetime. Being a Personal Resource means “Being Available: Tag You’re It!” for "real-world" situations, relying mainly on your knowledge, perception, and ability to influence. To prosper as a personal resource, you must have the Five C’s, a clear plan, solid tools, and a proven set of techniques.

Y O U ' L L   L E A R N
  • Change Agent Victor: A model for and roles of a change agent.
  • the how and why of continuously improving your own consulting.
  • the personal qualities of an effective personal resource.
  • how to gain upper management support.
  • to improve listening skills and facilitate discussions.
  • to contract with your client to establish mutual responsibilities.
  • to influence through coaching, recommending, and persuading.
  • to handle resistance.
  • to make & manage your change plan.
  • when & where to consult at the team level.
  • the ASPIC model for one-to-one consulting.
  • to handle common consulting problems and self-correct.
  • K E Y   O B J E C T I V E S
    • Assessing your assignment using a model for effective internal consulting.
    • Practicing three fundamental consulting skill sets: listening, contracting, and advising.
    • Applying consulting skills in three contexts: the organization, the team, and the individual.
    • Learning tools and techniques for gaining support, overcoming resistance, and ensuring continuous progress.
    • Optimizing the people role.
    • Developing a blueprint mindset for the structure(s) of your organization.
    • Optimally organizing and managing to “follow-up & follow through” your redesign effort.

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    Continuous Improvement:
    A Basis for Market Share

    Summary:This seminar is designed for team leaders, trainers, and internal consultants charged with continuously, incrementally yet relentlessly, improving the total learning quotient of their workplace (or in other words, the people “sizzle” behind the products’ merit) through team management and process improvement.

    Y O U ' L L   L E A R N   H O W   T O
  • master the implications of the ‘new workplace’ for the coming decades of the Millenium.
  • implement continuous improvement in your marketing efforts—with trackable results!
  • develop market share performance measures.
  • integrate the organization's vision, mission, and values into your measures of bottom-line performance.
  • analyze your team's processes, products, and services.
  • scalably adapt and improve your team's work processes.
  • use team skills to grow and operate effectively.
  • employ team-based problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • track process variation and ‘catch people in the act of doing right’.
  • become a more self-directed team.
  • apply y.o.u.r. personal continuous improvement principles.
  • form a boundary-spanning system of interlocking teams.

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    Nationally recognized social scientist and public opinion analyst Daniel Yankelovich remarks that "...people's most profound concerns [involve] how to improve their personal relationships, how to be a more effective person, how to think productively about their lives and goals." Systhink offers individuals, and the organizations to which they belong, the chance to invest wisely for on-going returns.

    Sythink's Team Trio™ advantage pricing is one example of our ThinDime™ philosophy. Visit to learn how your team can take advantage of Systhink's Team Trio™ pricing. As a company, we are strongly committed to the systems thinking element of shared mental models. There's no better way to build cohesiveness than by positive shared experiences that directly relate to the company's bottom line.

    Seminar Tuition (per person)
    Format Dedicated
    The ChaLLEngeof Change n/a $6000 6
    Beyond Reengineering $375 $1500 as contracted
    Becoming a Personal Resource $375 $1500 as contracted
    Continuous Improvement:
    A Basis for Market Share
    $375 $1500 as contracted

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