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: Consulting at the Individual Level

…Providing Asset Management for Human Capital


    A. To provide a comprehensive methodology for refocusing organizations.

    B. Modeling your organizations’ process bases to identify the high-leverage processes for redesign.

    C. To teach participants a methodology for measuring “real work”; to optimize work processes that concentrate those results.

    D. To demonstrate the resiliency and self-correcting strengths in the Business Partner Focus.

Part One

I. Background & Boundaries

II. Paradigms & Models

    A. History of Work Design

    B. Traditional vs. Modern Work

    C. New Paradigms of the Global Economy

III. Definitions

IV. Principles of Organization Design and Reengineering

    A. Distinguishing Principles

    B. Radical Thinking

    C. Linking to Vision, Mission, and Values

    D. Growth vs. Cost Oriented.

V. The Methodology

    A. Define the Vision, Mission and Values

    B. Define the Opportunity and Challenge Gaps

    C. Develop or Enhance your Layered View of the Business

    D. Select Processes and Engineer YOUR Solution

    E. Align critical Human Systems

    F. Develop Change Management Plan

Part Two

I. Define the Opportunity and Challenge Gaps

    A. Outside-In Analysis

    B. Inside-Out Analysis

    C. Developing an Upper Management Sense of Urgency: Strategic Drivers and Your Case for Action.

    D. Scalable Goal Setting

II. Develop or Enhance your Layered View of the Business

    A. Make Sure Your Model Spans the Firm

    B. Peeling the Onion

      1. Core Tasks
      2. Support Tasks
      3. Management Tasks

    C. Identifying Process Names and Boundaries

    D. Involving stakeholders

III. Select Processes and Engineer YOUR Solution

    A. Process Staging Methods
      1. Opportunity Analysis Matrices
      2. Rating for Improvement Needs
      3. Pareto (80/20) Analysis

    B. Current State Analysis

    C. Analysis Tools

    D. Future State Requirements

    E. Re-conceptualize the Process

    F. Mosaic Management Mapping: Understanding Processes at more than one level

    G. Relationship Maps

Part Three

I. Aligning Human Systems

    A. Team Definition

    B. Job Definition

    C. Information Systems

    D. Development Systems

    E. Compensation Systems

II. Managing Change

    A. Roles
      1. Champion/Steering Team
      2. Process Owner; Moles, Voles
      3. Design Teams

    B. Implementation Plans

    C. Training

    D. Project Duration

    E. Communication

Wrap-up and Evaluation.
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