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To really understand something, you need to know what it isn't as well as what it is. Access isn't a computer program by a predatory monopolist out of Redmond, WA (re: Judge Jackson's ruling). Access is an attitude inspired by belief, backed by action, implemented by real, flesh and blood people. Let's decode some of that sales yak.

Rock Eel Café helps owners, managers and staff overcome tech intimidation, even if you're uneasy admitting that you hate the dumb box! One of our founding mandates is making technology coaching and process improvement affordable.

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The belief of which we speak is belief in yourself and your team to pull themselves up by the bootstraps (as in Paul Bunyon). Giving a computer to someone who is intimidated by the very thought of using one is pretty naïve, but we see it all the time and not just with computers. The only things people pick up “natcherly” are in Appalachian folk songs.

One of the most important attitudes our customers, partners and friends acquire is a layered understanding of the uses of technology, in other words, we don't try to teach everything at once. The ethic driver in all that we do here at Rock Eel Café is “use resources and treasure people.” Exploitation is bad for people, good for tools, it's what they're built for. Teaching people to more fully exploit technology is a fine and proper thing, not something for which we would hide in the shadows.


Rock Eel Café offers Collaboration Coaching™ and implementation assistance, so when you're going through the peanut butter, we can help. Diners at the Café know that one good turn deserves another, so that working together, we'll help you raise your level of play. Problems will get solved and stay solved, allowing you to shift your focus onto more long term matters while the day to day continues to receive the appropriate scope of attention.


Sometimes folks make the mistake of saying “jack of all trades, master of none.“ Well, that was before Jack met Jill… Clients, associates and friends are often amazed at the interwoven skills that systems thinking unlocks once they've had a chance to put ideas into practice. At ground zero, anyone who wishes to learn must first recognize they “know nothing” in Aristotle's phrase, or they “come to the table with an empty cup,” to employ a common martial arts saying.

A good point of departure is asking what we do. Silo thinking says we perform according to the Standard Industrial Classifications [SICs] in the list below. (Yes, NAIC has replaced them, but for this layer of understanding it doesn't matter.) Systems thinkers are renaissance people, able to apply the architecture of knowledge to unfamiliar arenas, so they quickly grasp the basics of a new topic and become accomplished in their arts, sciences & letters far, far sooner than traditional thinkers consider possible. We call this Compressing the Learning Curve.SM It has helped some very large clients. It can help you too. 

Enter the 4-digit SIC you want to look up.

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An SIC Litany of “What We Do”

  • 7379 Computer consultants
  • 7389 Misc. design services, NEC
  • 8742 Administrative management consultants
  • 8742 Management Consulting Services
    • General management consultants
    • Human resources
    • Management engineering
    • Management information systems
    • Manufacturing management
    • Marketing
    • Operations research
    • Personnel management consultants, except employment service
    • Physical distribution
    • Site location
  • 8748 Economic consulting
  • 8748 Educational consulting, except management
  • 8748 Systems engineering consulting, except professional engineering or computer related
  • 8748 Traffic consultants

How We Do What We Do

depends almost entirely on you and y.o.u.r.World. What our Collaboration Coaches™ serve from the Rock Eel Café menu is tailored to each diner's needs. Contact us, or write Matt Weilert, our co-founder, directly for details. Please continue reading for the origin of the name Rock Eel Café… or talk shop in the world's first virtual coffeehouse devoted to advancing the tenets of systems thinking.  

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