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…Providing Asset Management for Human Capital

Rock Eel Café helps owners, managers and staff overcome technology intimidation, even if you're uneasy admitting that you hate the dumb box! One of our founding mandates is making technology coaching and process improvement affordable. As you've read elsewhere on this site, we're all about people and the way they congregate, communicate and collaborate.

In our post-September 11th world, more and more companies every day are waking up to the fact that they cannot simply slice, dice and repurpose the intellectual capital within their payrolls, as if it were a product separate from the people on the payroll. We provide a way for busy people to focus on the forest AND the trees: making the best relevant decisions today stand in good stead for the long haul.

While the "one-day" seminar mentality is the exact opposite of what we serve, we do in fact offer several brief engagements, as well as our customized seminars and retainer consulting. All daily on-site events are eligible for the “Team Trio™” advantage pricing. Research clearly indicates the dramatic advantages of learning in groups of three. While our standard tuition for half-day events is $49500, three staff can participate in the same event for the flat fee of just $1,00000.


Half-day courses are strong overviews with a focus on actionable content you can use that very day. As a company, we are strongly committed to the systems thinking element of shared mental models. There's no better way to build cohesiveness than by positive shared experiences that directly relate to the company's bottom line.

Split Half-day

In typical Rock Eel Café fashion, we tell folks, somewhat tongue in cheek, this is somewhat akin to ‘dueling banjos.’ Two sessions of the same event are run one starting in the morning overlapping the session starting in the afternoon. This gives a valuable "cross-pollenation" element as well as addressing common scheduling challenges. Contact us for more information on how a customized split half-day course allows your staff to "have their cake and eat it too." We strongly recommend this option for our budget-conscious clients. It doubles the access your staff has to our Collaboration Coaches™ who would otherwise need to book (and bill) an extra day for your staff enrichment event.

Team Trio™

See for yourself how much you can save with “Team Trio™” advantage pricing:
Team SizeTotal Attendees# TeamsRemainder
Traditional Pricing ThinDimesm Pricing Savings  

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