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“Treasure People and Exploit Tools”

Tired of hearing "people are first class here," when a casual tour shows that they're flying coach and treated as luggage? 

Page Street Symbologies (PSS) is focused on providing tangible products and scalable technologies that extend the systems thinking metaphor into the workplace, wherever on earth that is for you. PSS provides business process and workflow streamlining that makes sense, both short-term and long-term, through flexible and scalable strategies that recognize multiple points of view. One of the best examples of this (developed independently), is the Tuovi project directed by AP Hameri at CERN, and its commercial version Kronodoc. As you can read in the link, Hameri chose the name Tuovi from the Finnish acronym for product process management.

As an innovator in the field of asset management for human capital, we provide our clients with a menu of ergonomic solutions covering the complete customer value chain, both on and off the internet. Technology is only as good as the people who design it, run it and maintain it. Rock Eel Café's Collaboration Coaching™ process provides skill-scaled decision support to firms as varied as art galleries, dental practices, publishers and banks.

We help our clients' good decisions today enable better decisions tomorrow.

Our Logo: Matching the Guide to the Ground

The Page Street Symbologies logo was actually inspired by the US 2000 Census. As any one of the tens of thousands of Americans remotely associated with the dicennial ennumeration can tell you, what's on the map may or may not match what's "on the ground." Just as Washington bureaucrats can't hope to effectively manage a local program, PSS designs products and revised workflows that account for the fact that the men and women using a tool everyday more than likely know the most about it. (Just as a bit of trivia, the original café that you see on nearly every page is actually located on Page Street.)

Kenneth Boulding was reputed to have said: "If you don't know three was of abusing a tool, you don't really know how to use it." Don't tell your boss, but we really like that approach.

Process Improvement

Today's knowledge worker is often asked to compromise family for corporate convenience. While this was never right, we firmly believe that the twin tragedies suffered in the last half of 2001:
  • the September 11th attacks,
  • the Enron collapse
  • have physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally created a new era in the world of work. Business as usual is light-years apart from what it was even was in 2000, let alone the era of the Man in the Grey Flannel Suit. We partner with firms large and small to provide process improvements that treasure people and exploit tools, not the other way around. Admittedly, this puts us in a very different camp than the Big Four (Anderson's now toast), that used to be the Big five, that notably used to be the Big Eight. See any patterns emerging here? Interested readers may want to read our about our operating philosophy.

    Each client bakes their cake just a little bit differently, so our process improvements are customized for every situation. Some of our entrees include:
  • Intellectual Capital Audits
  • Business Process Improvements
  • Industrial Engineering, Quality, Safety Management Services
  • Management Services



    mobile ergonomic workstation

    The Mobile Ergonomic Workstation provides a flexible approach to greater productivity. Rock Eel Café is developing a modular office/industry workstation that allows:
    • maximum use of space
    • cost savings, order and use only needed components
    • flexible workflows, add units together for circular or serpentine workflow, minimize footprint/maximize productivity/square foot
    • customized work surfaces
    Herman Miller "applauds [y]our holistic approach..." and we believe you will too. A News Release is available in our Press Room. Please inquire if interested.

    Continue reading for "Management Tools"… 
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