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Leveraging People

Layering human intuition onto the
“bytes and bolts” of today's technology

The first dimension of our corporate vision statement is that People are the Ultimate Technology. We have delivered this message from New England to New Zealand, from the Hill Country of Central Texas to the Sierra Foothills of Nevada, and many points in between.

While there are many fine companies delivering this message, (Cirtronics and Molecular are two examples), and the concept is receiving wide media attention, (the venerable Harvard Business Review published an article on "fun as a competitive strategy," believe it or not…), delivering the kind of spectacular financial performance that Cirtronics has over the past decade has a lot to do with "walking the talk." Across every industry and independent of business cycles, the attitude and leadership strategies in place at your company, school, church or soccer team, will go far in determining how successfully y.o.u.r. community of individuals will accomplish their mission.

As we strengthen our role as the global clearinghouse for systems thinking resources, we have a unique role in endorsing or recommending mindsets, methods, companies and capabilities that serve people first. Even with a growing population of like-minded individuals from sixty countries, We are not "all things to all people." While we believe systems thinking is for all times and seasons, not every company is ready for the transparent management that systems thinking brings.

In a highly-regarded book, The Social Life of Information, John Seely Brown and his coauthor Paul Duguid argue that communities and context are what create sustainable business advantage. The simple reality is that the information richness of 2n community interaction was never lost in the rural heartland, where mutual effort was a matter of survival, yet it is only faintly beginning to reawaken larger metro areas. From another perspective, albeit with some real research gaps, Mary Jo Waits has written a forward-looking piece on the future of urban life.

Our particular blend of mentoring, Collaboration Coaching™, draws from the individual spice of each person to extend your menu of business options with choices that satisfy without being too heavy.

Dining alone, [personal development], or having a catered dinner for the whole division [large-scale change initiatives], diners at the Rock Eel Café have come to expect an engaging experience that is both nutritious and delicious.

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