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“Treasure People and Exploit Tools”

Managing a growing business that is a living learning laboratory of modern work practices with a focus on recognizing people as our most important resource takes a variety of management tools, as well as flexibility, dedication and an enduring commitment to excellence. Strangely enough, you won't find Rock Eel Café's Collaboration Coaches™ describe themselves as busy. While the pace of activity is high, and yes, there are the usual stresses that go along with growing a company (or a family for that matter), the staff take a martial arts approach to dealing in the here and now, so that issues get solved and very often stay that way. We invite you to learn more. Contact us for an introduction to what systems thinking brings to the table.

About the Founder

Matthew E. Weilert enjoys the privilege of partnering with small businesses and professional practices as well as advising billion dollar brands like GM, Barcardi, Kraft, Coca-Cola and the US Navy. With that broad palette of experience comes the humble realization that “we're all in the people business.” Delivering transformational results requires communications clarity, leveraging the power of language that we all share. To experience an animated tour of some of the companies touched by the Systemkey Risk Discovery Platform, visit

Central Texan Roots

Matt has been part of the central Texas landscape for over a quarter-century: reared in Bastrop, an honor graduate of Bastrop High, distinguished student at Texas A&M (Safety Engineering 1985) and a decorated US Navy veteran. After studying business climates across the country, Matt relocated to the ‘Granite State,’ New Hampshire, to launch an institutional services consulting firm in Manchester, in the Spring of 1996.

Along the way, he realized the same thing Dr. Deming had realized decades earlier: the only way people remembered what they learned and changed their behavior to implement it was when they were personally involved in a process that they understood and mattered to them.

In fall 2007, The Systems Thinking Institute LLC relocated its headquarters to Texas. Along with the move came the updating of this federation of independent contractors and emerging growth firms, to provide distinct market offerings to ‘solopreneur’ small, mid-tier firms and global enterprises. Operating under the Kaffihús Skerjasteinbítur, [Rock Eel Café] motif, the group offers a spectrum of solutions to organizations of all sizes, tailored by headcount, industry maturity and other relevant factors.

As an innovator in the field of asset management services for human capital, Rock Eel Café provides its clients with a menu of ergonomic solutions covering the complete customer value chain, both on and off the internet. Technology is only as good as the people who design it, run it and maintain it. Rock Eel Café's Collaboration Coaching™ process provides skill-scaled decision support to firms as varied as art galleries, dental practices, publishers and banks. We help our clients' good decisions today enable better decisions tomorrow.

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