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Hi, I'm Phyl the phactoid, and this is the most useful thought-

Integrating multiple trains of thought

weaver quiz on the Internet. As engineering writers, managers

that follow an established timetable to

and performance consultants, the members of STI have over

arrive at their stated destinationas

180,000 manhours of performance appraisal experience.

opposed to a train wreck where process

We've found that most developing problems can be averted

runs without regard to peopleis

or solved through application of one or more of the 9 Ways

among your most potent tools for

“Systems Thinking” can boost productivity at your enterprise.

finding, cultivating and dominating

Systems Thinking is about using more of your brain power blended with

market niches. Although it seems

a healthy dose of common sense. It is an absolutely vital key to getting

obvious the trains should be matched

more productive results from the time and energy you invest in creating

to present a seamless process to the

your individual lifestyle. Just as the first rule of financial investing is to

real boss, our customers, in practice

diversify so it is with investing your time. One of the most pivotal areas

people have varying ideas how this

today’s technology comes into play is in leveraging your time. Our goal is to

should happen.

make more time available to your loved ones out of the fixed amount you’re

granted each day. The Systems Thinking Institute can help you clear away the

scrub brush that’s kept you from seeing the forest, so you can really see,

perhaps for the first time in your life, where you’re going, in relationship

to where you want to go. Reread that italicized part. Where would you add

an s? Enhancing communication skills and the different dimensions of becoming

a rewarding communicator are woven throughout the coursework and develop-

ment exercises that we at the Systems Thinking Institute offer to create

our individual lifestyles.

We have developed a brief “strategic business focus” questionaire that has proven remarkably penetrating in it's ability to bring the varied elements of y.o.u.r. business into a position of clear perception or understanding, according to our friends @ Websters, definition 2c.

Comments, questions and catcalls to Phyl the Phactoid are welcome.

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