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“Treasure People and Exploit Tools”

Blending high tech and high touch, both on-site and via distance learning, real people from industry, government, academia, in fact, from 60 countries around the world, are overcoming technology intimidation, enhancing communication skills, mastering complex workflows—and having more fun, both on and off the job.

Systems Thinking, both our parent company and the movement in general, is all about people and the way they congregate, communicate and collaborate. As more companies deploy active measurements to capture, slice, dice and repurpose the intellectual capital within their payrolls, our role here at Rock Eel Café, within the systems thinking movement, is leading the mindshare to the “real economy,” the small business under 250 staff, by keeping the focus on the person, and their intrinsic value, not on the value of their relationships or their LTV (lifetime customer value) to this or that firm.

Michael Schrage, co-director of MIT Media Lab's eMarket Initiative, tells us that technology [will become] a medium for managing relationships, rather than managing information. We agree. Here at the Café we teach and model behaviors that bear witness to the fact that information by itself is as dead as the paper on which it's printed or the screen on which it's displayed. As we celebrate this Third Millenium, our Judæo-Christian Western Cultural Canon has told us for the past two thousand years what the business community is finally figuring out in large numbers, that people want to “be in relationship to one another.”

About the Company

Rock Eel Café is a unique federation of companies across North America, which has been cooking up high performance recipes for emerging growth firms, and divisions of larger firms, since March 1996. Originally founded as an institutional services firm, the principals discovered there was more fun, and still plenty of market share, in a smaller scale, less ostentatious way of delivering the unique mental models and productivity practices that have brought clients from New Zealand to New Hampshire more business, more time and more money.

(No, we don't really expect you to believe that just now. Nobody does at first, it seems. Take a look at some of the case studies, to get a feel for how our Collaboration Coaches™ serve up fresh food for thought…)

In the icon bar above the breadcrumb trail you'll see the logo representing the appropriate division of Rock Eel Café, and you should expect to experience multiple color schemes and page styles, because each member bakes their cake just a little bit differently.

Implementing the Rock Eel Vision… 
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