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Our Unique Process:

Putting People First in
Technology Decisions

As discussed in Management Tools, what systems thinking, and other radically novel viewpoints offer for the cost of going through the pain of change is:

  • dramatic enterprise-wide process throughput improvement: saving time & materials
  • more and better exploitation of technology: increasing return on capital invested

  • and
  • the unique ability to free the manager to do her real job: engaging people at the human level in a technology-based process.
Machines are cheap. People are priceless. Any recommendation, product or process that minimizes or marginalizes people is fairly well guaranteed to be a step backward, from a systems thinking perspective.

How we collaborate

At the heart of the proprietary Rock Eel Café Collaboration Coaching™ process is something we call “scalable communication.[1] Now that's basically a two-dollar phrase for a priceless concept that Grandma would call “taking people as they come,” in other words, we talk to different folks with different styles and different objectives, just as you would never think of talking to a child the same way you talk to an adult—that is, if you've got as much sense as God gave gravel.

In as much as Rock Eel Café is a federation of independent businesses and freely associated consultants operating under a common banner to provide a seamless technology integration experience for our clients, this approach is the fruit of many seeds planted years ago, nutured by years of trying all the wrong methods and eventually, through time and effort, weeding out those that don't reveal the truth. We know you're busy, and our recommendations respect that. As discussed in our systems thinking primer, this clarity is a two-edged sword.

The crop our clients harvest is the right way for them. Naturally, this right way is not the same for all clients. Sorry to disappoint you, we didn't get annointed by the consultant fairy and magically "know" the right way to "fix" what's wrong with this or that firm. Nor did we learn a stilted and dry sales methodology from one of the high-overhead global consulting firms. The power and the beauty of systems thinking is that it works in everyday situations with ordinary people. Working together, people transform lives and thereby companies, markets and entire industries.

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More Food for Thought from the Rock Eel Café 

1. Communication Presentation, 139k zipped MS Powerpoint 97
2. Communication Presentation, unzipped MS Powerpoint 97
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