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“Are y.o.u.r. Staff worth
One Thin Dimesm?”

Rock Eel Café provides systems thinking coaching to emerging growth firms. Systems thinking is a spectrum of strategic planning and peak performance consulting tools, techniques and mental models that work together to tame technology for companies of all sizes. For many smaller firms, ‘the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak;’ they have the need for process improvement, just not the depth of manpower or staff development budget to send half the staff to a week-long off-site seminar that costs as much as a used car. To be honest, implementing a significant process change in an organization with well-entrenched habits takes nearly 18 months of consistent effort.

For people that read too much Fast Company and the like at one sitting, and want to “transform their enterprise overnight...because the world now moves at internet speed” well, we respect the amount of money these journalists have made selling ads in their breathless journals. Chronicling what? Chronicling the need to get a life, one might say. Commerce today works the way commerce always has: people establish relationships based on trust, and the easier you make it for your client, customer, or OEM vendor to trust you, the broader base of enduring business relationships you will build. It's simple, it's just not easy, or everybody would do it.

Our ThinDimesm sliding fee scale provides smaller firms a clear path through this forest, by making true long-term performance improvement truly affordable. Once a firm breaks the two-dozen staff mark, the benefits of systems thinking escalate rapidly:

The benefits of ‘ThinDime(sm) Sliding-scale fees’ escalate rapidly beyond 24 staff!
This screen capture represents the implementation cost per staff per hour worked ($/st/hr) measured as it varies with staff bill-out and staff size. The increasing swath of green represents a $/st/hr of below ten cents (10˘) and the blue swath on the left represents implementation $/st/hr below a penny (1˘)! A full-screen graphic of the cost/population benefit (bill-out rate in dollars) of the ThinDime™ pricing model is available. 

In contrast to most graphs, the origin (0,0) is at the top left. Staff size increases down the left side and staff bill-out rate increases to the right (as usually portrayed). Before we introduced our sliding scale ThinDime™ fee structure, there was no effective way for a company to get the growth and performance coaching they needed without tearing a gaping hole in the fabric of the company finances.

Rock Eel Café Collaboration Coaches bring a global perspective honed in multi-national companies to the start-up, the family firm, or the fast-growth enterprise who need the expertise of a Fortune500-style firm without the big ego and the high fee. Because we serve performance-based solutions, not “the latest management trends,” we make merciless fun of stuffed-shirt attitudes, while we endorse best practices reviews, life-cycle costing, mental capital audits and other tools effectively employed by the Big-5, who notably used to be the Big-6 and before that used to be the Big-8. Hmmmm....

We deliver peace of mind to our clients

through value-added operational reviews that optimize people, capital and production processes. Because we are free of the multiple management layers stifling other firms, we can seamlessly integrate with your organization, working with existing staff, or as an on-call resource. We chaLLEnge you to survey the consulting industry and find a firm offering anything near the customer service commitment or access to comparable resources with the kind of scalable fee structure we offer. If you have, please forward us the details. We'd love to hear from you, or from them.

Contact us today for a free evaluation of your business needs. We can partner with you in managing people, capital and products cost-effectively with ThinDimeSM consulting from Rock Eel Café. 

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