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Have you ever had a day—or more—go by where you felt like you got nothing done? I think we all have and much of the time the culprit is lack of focus, or more specifically, lack of awareness of the very existence of a specific work process for a particular task. Now, I believe most people in business today are administratively proficient and technically skilled at their jobs. This brief piece proposes that many of these same "knowledge workers" are in the dark about principles of organization or the application of these principles to their job.

To paraphrase Webster, focus is that position where information (light, heat, sound) converges to provide a clear image.

I am convinced that the constant unproductive preoccupation with all the things we have to do is the single largest drain on time & energy; the biggest barrier to individual productivity and the one thing we can all do something about to materially take control of our time, our work and therefore our lives.

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