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In today's rush-rush world, the value of contemplation seems a quaint memory to many. We are fortunate in Manchester to have a living, active Benedictine community[1] who put time, talent and treasure in the priority which fourteen centuries of experience has shown

  • works in all climates
  • works with all races
  • is an effective way to ignore whichever politically correct wind happens to be breaking over the bow at the moment.

Here is an examples of the belief/response/solution methodology that Hammer & Champy[2] recommend in Reengineering the Corporation available right here from our Amazon-affiliate bookstore.

Belief: I'm too busy to plan or I can't take the time to plan (and any variants)

Response: All work has a planning or pre-production phase. To the degree you get greater clarity, (a clear focus[3]) of what you must do, you get it done faster & better. Writing things down forces you to articulate what's behind your thoughts and move toward this clearer picture more consistently over time. (Big hint: this ain't new, all's fair in love & war[4])

Solution: Set a weekly period, (scalable blocks of time) as your planning & time. Introduce this as part of your work system and habits. Creatively, aggressively test ways to make this new thinking as effective as it can be for both you and your team.

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2.Reengineering the Corporation
4.Worldwide Marriage Encounter 


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